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  • Bank of Korea · 한국은행
    Links to a vast array of banking/financial statistics under "Economic Statistics System." Includes balance of payments, national accounts, exchange & interest rates, business & consumer surveys, input-output tables and much more. Economic bulletins, reports, papers, reviews and analyses available under "publications."
  • Gender statistics in Korea · 한국의성인지통계
  • IT Statistics of Korea – Available in English
  • KOSIS (Korean Statistical Information System) · 국가통계포털
  • North Korea Statistics · 북한통계
  • OECD Economic Surveys: Korea – In English
    Print Resource. Koerner stacks; latest edition in Koerner reference. Call #: HC466.O33. Articles cover annual "OECD assessment and recommendations on the main economic challenges faced by Korea." Mainly useful as a source of statistical analysis, rather than a source of statistical data.
  • OECD iLibrary - In English
    OECD collects economic and social data as well as "monitoring trends, analysing and forecasting economic developments and researching social changes or evolving patterns in trade, environment, agriculture, technology, taxation and more." Korea has been a member since 1996.
  • Statistics Korea · 통계청 – Available in English
    Official Korean government site. Provides information about and links to a variety of statistical services. Statistical surveys include international migration, life/death, population projection, housing, economic & social trends, household economy, retail/wholesale sectors etc. The population census is conducted every five years - most recently in 2015.