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Special Collections: Canadian Literature

About Primary Sources

What is a primary source?

A "primary source" is the direct evidence or first hand accounts of events without secondary analysis or interpretation. A primary source is a work that was written or created at a time that is contemporary or nearly contemporary with the period or subject being studied. It can include newspapers, various archival documents (business and government records, personal diaries, meeting minutes, manuscripts). A secondary source is a work that comments upon, analyzes, or builds upon a primary source. RBSC is unique mond UBC libraries in that it strives to collect primary sources.

When to consult primary sources?

Conduct research using secondary sources first. Secondary sources will help direct you most efficiently to relevant primary sources. Think of secondary sources as the "bread crumbs" leading you to the goal.

Featured Materials by Authors

Featured Materials from Presses

Digitization Projects

The collections featured here are results of projects conducted by students of the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies at the University of British Columbia. These projects are developed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the class LIBR 582: Digital Images and Text Collections and represent bodies of digitized materials that form part of RBSC's collections, or are related to RBSC's collections.