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Special Collections: Canadian Literature

About the Collection

[Portrait of Malcolm Lowry]Malcolm Lowry (1909-1957) was born in New Brighton, England, and went to school and university in Cambridge. He traveled widely in Europe and the US, settling in Mexico. He was a chronic alcoholic, as are many of the characters in his writings. He is most famous for the novel Under the Volcano (London, 1947), but he also wrote many poems.

The collection includes works by Malcolm Lowry (1909-1957) in various editions and translations; all first editions are present.  Also included are critical and biographical works with some Lowry content. Books from Lowry's own library form part of the collection. The chronological emphasis is from the 1930s to the present. This collection is an adjunct to the library's extensive Lowry manuscript collection.

Image source: [Portrait of Malcolm Lowry], 1959. Photograph of a sketch of Malcolm Lowry by Remo Ferragamo. UBC Library Framed Works Collection.


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Subject Headings

Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957

Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957--Bibliography

Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957--Correspondence

Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957--Criticism and Interpretation

Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957. Under the volcano

Books from Malcolm Lowry's Personal Collection

Malcolm Lowry's Personal Library Collection

  • UBC Library holds a number of works from Malcolm Lowry's own collection. They can be found by searching "Malcolm Lowry's Personal Library Collection" in the UBC Library Catalogue. 

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