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SCIE 101 - Science 101

Citing Sources

Why do I need to evaluate the resources I use?

Not all information published in books or on the internet is credible or appropriate for your needs.

Your project is only is good as the information you base it on! For this reason, it is important to make sure the sources you use are reliable and are at the right level for what you are doing.

Why do I need to cite the sources I use?

Citing others' work helps us to join that scholarly conversation and start to not only see the relationships between different ideas and works, but also build relationships with these fields ourselves.

In the sciences, there is a strong focus on acknowledging sources through citation. It recognizes the sources of the information we use and helps to show how we build on that information. Also, by stating the sources of the information we use, we provide others with the ability to find those resources and read more about the topic!

APA is a common citation style in the sciences but there are many others. The important thing is to include all the information that someone else would need to find that resource themselves, or in the case of a resource that is not findable, like an interview or presentation, to give the 'author' recognition for their contribution.