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Medical Genetics

Core Biomedical Databases

The following resources provide access to the core biomedical literature. For a comprehensive list of other specialized health indexes and databases see the Health and Biomedical Databases UBC Wiki page.

Evidence Based Medicine Databases

Key databases for Evidence-Based Medicine. For additional resources please see UBC's Evidence-Based Healthcare Guide.

Point of Care Tools

Summaries and evidence synthesis on clinical topics for use by health care providers at the point of care.

Stay Up-to-Date

Human Search Filter

Often searches on genetics topics return a large number of results. If you do not want to include studies that only look at animals, you can use the "human" limit or filter available within the database. Please note that these database limits can also exclude studies that include information about both humans and animals. To keep studies about humans and animals, or for systematic reviews or other comprehensive searches, instead use one of the following search filters by adding them to the last line of your search. Please feel free to contact Helen L. Brown or for assistance.

PubMed Filter - from the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Chapter 2, section 6.4.11 in Box 6.4.a.

NOT (("Animals"[Mesh] NOT ("Animals"[Mesh] AND "Humans"[Mesh]))

Medline Ovid Filter

NOT (Animals/ NOT (Animals/ AND Humans/))

Embase Filter

NOT ((exp animal/ or nonhuman/) NOT exp human/) 

Example: Adding a filter to the last line of a Medline search

Image showing a human filter added to a search


Sometimes you might just want to browse the journals. Click on the following link for a full list of journals related to Health & Biological Sciences - Biology - Genetics or browse some of the journals listed below.

You can search for other journals by title at in the box marked "Journal Titles."

Video Searching Tutorials

For help getting started or taking your research skills to the next level see the following resources or contact your liaison librarian.