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Japanese Studies Resources

A general research guide for Japanese Studies at the UBC Asian Library. Access to some resources may be restricted to the UBC faculty, staff, and students.



List of select dictionaries in JapanKnowledge:

  • Digital Daijisen デジタル大辞泉
  • Nihon kokugo daijiten 日本国語大辞典
  • Shinsen Kan-Wa jiten 新選漢和辞典
  • Jitsū 字通
  • Kadokawa kogo daijiten 角川古語大辞典
  • Kokushi daijiten 国史大辞典
  • Bukkyōgo daijiten 仏教語大辞典
  • Kadokawa Nihon chimei daijiten 角川日本地名大辞典
  • Shōgakkan Random House Ei-Wa daijiten 小学館ランダムハウス英和大辞典
  • Progressive Wa-Ei chūjiten プログレッシブ和英中辞典
  • Gendai yōgo no kiso chishiki 現代用語の基礎知識

Check with the Japanese Studies Librarian about additional titles.

Biographical Information

JapanKnowledge Lib. contains the following biographical dictionaries:

  • Biographical dictionary of Japan 日本人名大辞典
  • Iwanami great world biographical dictionary 世界人名大辞典
  • Dictionary of fictional and legendary characters 日本架空伝承人名事典
  • Bibliography of Japanese biographies 日本人物文献目録

Geographical & Historical Information