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COMM 525 - Introduction to Behavioural Research For Business

About Business Source Ultimate

Searching for an Article

Each row represents a different concept in your search. You may enter single words and short phrases – e.g. leadership and organizational change. If there are too many results, it is recommended to use the drop down boxes to the right to get more desired results. See the video and the Database Research Tips handout on the Articles & News page for more on how to construct an effective search in an article database.

Search Results Tips

  • Using general search words will garner thousands of results and it is ideal to refine the results using categories located at the left hand side of the webpage. It can be narrowed down to publication type, years the articles were published and many more
  • The articles can be sorted either from date newest, date oldest, source, author or relevance
  • By hovering over the magnifying glass, you will be able to see the summary of the article without going to the full link or UBC eLink