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Finding and Evaluating Tests and Measures

Classification Codes

Our final strategy is to use Classification Codes. These codes filter out content to results that discuss a particular topic.

Step by Step: Classification Codes

Subject Heading Search

  1. In this case we will select all the codes in the 2200 range as they all deal with psychometric aspects. You can select a smaller subrange but early on in your searching it is good to maximize your results.
  2. In this example, searching for quality of life in order to access the classification codes, you must be in the advanced search feature. Also we will leave the drop down menu at the selected field.
  3. Inputting your topic scroll down to classification codes and select ALL, or then the 2200 range. Once that is done, scroll down to the bottom and click Search.
  4. Our results will discuss aspects such as validation, validity, reliability and other important aspects critically assessing the tests.
Video Demo: Classification Codes

EBSCO Help Tools

EBSCO's Help section has a specific section for CINAHL.

To find the CINAHL Complete Help:

  1. Click "Help" in the upper right corner of any CINAHL page.
  2. In the list of topics to the left, scroll to the last topic, under Database Help: "CINAHL Complete."

More information and EBSCO training videos can be found at:

How to Find the Database Field Guide


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