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Finding and Evaluating Tests and Measures

Subject Heading Search

In this module you will learn how to use Subject Headings to find and evaluate tests and measures.

There are three subject headings that may be useful for your searching. We will go through an example using one of these search terms. the relevant search terms are: Reliability and Validity, Research Instruments, and the name of the specific instrument (for example Apgar Score).

For more information on subject heading searches in CINAHL, visit the CINAHL Guided Exercise.

Step by Step: Subject Heading Search

Subject Heading Search

  1. Begin by searching for your topic. In this example, we will use the term pain. Enter the word pain and select search.
  2. Begin a new search and ensure the "Suggest Subject Terms" box is selected. Type in reliability and validity and ensure spelling is correct. Select search.
  3. A list of relevant subject headings will be suggested. Select your subject heading by clicking the box near the title and then select Search Database.
  4. Combine the two searches using AND.
  5. This will give results combining reliability and validity AND pain. A smaller subset of results that will be relevant to your research.
  6. Tip: Further limitations can be used by limiting the publication date to a specific period of time on the left side of the screen. Choosing a more recent set of results may be relevant to your work.
Video Demo: Subject Heading Search