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Finding and Evaluating Tests and Measures


PsycInfo is another useful source for finding tests and measures. This database includes journal articles, book chapters, theses and dissertations, and technical reports on psychology and a wide range of related disciplines.

The first technique we'll go through is finding tests appended to research articles.

Access PsycInfo here.


Step by Step: Finding Appended Tests

Subject Heading Search

  1. There are two simple ways to find tests that are appended to articles, the first way is more broad and the second is more specific.
  2. Option A, more broad: To conduct a broader search, start by searching for your topic, combining with AND, and search for the term appended in the Tests and Measures field.
  3. Option B, more specific: To conduct a more specific search, search both your topic AND the term "appended" in the Tests and Measures field.
  4. Please see both options A and B in the following video.
Video Demo: Finding Appended Tests