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Medline Guided Exercise: 6. Add Third Concept

6.  Add Third Concept

Remember our research question: "What research has been done on the use of games such as Wii, Kinnect and others for improving balance in children and teenagers who have a traumatic brain injury including concussion."

In Steps 2 to 5, we completed the first and second piece of our PICO concept - Population/Problem and Intervention by performing a Subject Heading and Keyword Search on each concept

We will now repeat this process for our final PICO element: Outcome

Step by Step: Adding the Third PICO Concept - Outcome

Subject Heading Search - (Outcome)

  1. Start on the OVID Search Bar
    • Select the “Map Term to Subject Heading” box
  2. In the search bar, type ‘balance’ and click Search
  3. From the Subject Heading tree
    • Select the most appropriate subject heading, in this case Postural Balance
    • Click Postural Balance to expand the tree
    • Ensure there are no more specific Subject Headings in the tree
    • Remember to click on the Scope note to check on the definition and other information such as which years the subject heading is used and the synonyms it includes.
  4. Click Continue
  5. You will see a list of subheadings. As we do not wish to specify any aspect at this time, Click on All Subheadings.
Video Demo: Adding the Third PICO Concept: Subject Heading


Subheadings allow you to choose a specific aspect of your topic. For example, adding Trends will find papers about the changes over time that video games have had or may have.
  • Because a structured search with combined multiple sets will constrain the results, at this point, do not specify a subheading
  • They are useful when searching for an aspect of a particular topic. E.g. Brain injuries/epidemiology finds papers about the incidence, prevalence, etc. of brain injuries

Keyword Search - (Outcome)

  1. Start on the OVID Search Bar
    • De-select (uncheck) the "Map Term to Subject Heading" box
  2. For the PICO element Outcome, our keyword search terms include
    • balance
    • equilibrium
  3. In the OVID Search bar enter
    • balance OR equilibrium (each search term is combined with the operator OR)
  4. Click Search
  5. The keyword search is saved in the Search History

Combine the Subject Heading and Keyword Search - (Outcome)

  1. Start in the Search History
  2. Select the checkbox for the Postural Balance subject heading search
  3. Select the checkbox for the balance or equilibrium keyword search
  4. Combine both searches with OR
  5. The combined Intervention search is saved in the Search History
Video Demo: Third PICO concept - Outcome - Keyword Search

Adding your outcome

  1. Using the Subject Heading steps 1-4 above, find and search for subject headings for your Outcome, or third, concept.
  2. Using the Keyword steps 1-5 above, find and search for keywords for your Outcome, or third, concept.
  3. Combine these 2 searches with OR