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Medline Guided Exercise: 4. Search History and Combining Searches

4.  Search History and Combining Searches


As we continue to Search in Ovid, our previous searches will be displayed in the Search History.  Theses sets of results from previous searches in your Search History can be combined with the operators OR and AND to provide the most relevant papers.


Step by Step: Combine Subject Heading and Keyword Searches

Search History and Combining Searches

  1. Start in the Search History
  2. In your saved searches, check the boxes for both 
    • the subject heading search (brain injuries, traumatic or brain concussion)
    • the keyword search (concussion* or brain injur*)
  3. Combine with the operator OR:
    • Click OR
      • OR will return the results from both our keyword search and the results from our subject heading search, to create one big set. Note: Duplicates will automatically be removed.
  4. Your combined search #3 will be saved in your Search History as: 1 or 2

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Video Demo: Medline (Ovid) Search History

Combine your searches

  • Follow steps 1-4 above to combine your first 2 searches for the P, or first, concept with OR