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Streaming Media at UBC Library

Using Course Reserves (LOCR) to Share Media

You can add media to the Library Online Course Reserve (LOCR) system in the same way that you add other readings or resources for your students. 


  1. Log into LOCR with your CWL login.
  2. Under My Courses, click on the desired course. 
  3. Click on the Add Reserve Items tab.
  4. Select DVD/CD & Streaming Media under Library Content. 
  5. Try searching for your desired streaming media - if you cannot locate the media, it may need to be linked to LOCR manually.
    • Note: This happens often, as many of the titles we have streaming don't have records in our catalogue. Our Course Reserves teams on both campuses would be happy to help locate and add these titles for you.

Syllabus Service (Vancouver) / Mediated Service (Okanagan)

Alternatively, if you'd prefer that the applicable Course Reserve's team loads your streaming media offerings for you to your course shell in LOCR, you are welcome to load your syllabus in LOCR.

  1. Log into LOCR with your CWL login. 
  2. Under My Courses, click on the desired course.
  3. Click on the Add Syllabus tab.
  4. Load your syllabus - and the team will take care of things for you!

Making LOCR Resources Available in Canvas for Students

To ensure that students are able to access the resources you put in the LOCR system, make sure you have turned on the LOCR page in your course. You must do this in each new course when you are using the LOCR system for sharing resources with your students. 

  1. Log into your Canvas course.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the Navigation tab.
  4. Scroll down until you find Library Online Course Reserves.
  5. Click the three dots on the rights and select +Enable - OR - drag the page title up to where you would like it on your navigation list. 

Copyright Considerations

Copyright at UBC provides detailed resources on the use of music & film in the classroom

Specifically, they cover:

  • Copying
  • Performing - including the performance to students, at UBC premises, for educational or training purposes
  • Digital licenses - including those maintained by the UBC Library
  • Technology protection measures (TPM) and digital locks

Your streaming media needs for a course may go beyond what UBC Library offers through the many platforms, and it is always recommended that you consult this information before using media in your classroom, on a course website, or in Canvas. 

Support for Media in Course Use

Would you like UBC Library to purchase streaming media for the use in your course?

Contact your Subject Librarian, and they can work with you to see if we already have the streaming media through one of our many platforms, or to see if we can purchase it for use in your course. 

Do you have questions about using LOCR or making streaming media available to your class?

Try reaching out to the applicable Course Reserve's team based on your department and/or campus.

Are you unsure if you are able to use a specific streaming media resource in your course due to copyright?

Please contact your appropriate campus' copyright email contact.