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Finding Books

This guide aims to provide information about finding books at UBC Library, primarily using the Library catalogue.

Using Language Filters

Limiting Results by Language

For some languages, catalogue search results can be filtered using the left-hand bar on the results page.



For a full listing of languages to limit by, use the guided keyword search screen and use the drop down menu for languages.


Asian Languages & Non-Roman Script

At present, non-roman script records are available for the following language collections:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Persian
  • Urdu

However, some older records lack the characters, so try romanizing keywords (transcribing to the romanized alphabet) in order to maximize your results. UBC Library uses Library of Congress Romanization.

Diacritical Marks

Accents and macrons are not required for searching. For example:

  • “chugoku” can be used to find “chūgoku"
  • Masnavi” can be used in lieu of “Mas̲navī