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Finding Books

This guide aims to provide information about finding books at UBC Library, primarily using the Library catalogue.

Finding Books by Author

If all you know about a book is the author’s name, or if you want to know all of books by a particular author you can find in the library, you can search by author. To do this, start by clicking the “Books & Media” tab on the library homepage. Without entering anything into the search bar, click "More Search Options."


On the Basic Search page, enter the author’s name into the “Browse” search box, which searches for authors by default. Enter the author’s name following the (last name, first name) format. Then click "Search."

The results page will return a list of authors. In cases where multiple authors share the same name, entries will include further details, including birth dates, middle names or initials, or alternate forms of the name, to help distinguish between the authors.

When one author has published under multiple names the results list will indicate which name to look under for titles. In this example, the search for the shortened form of the authors name, “Severin, Tim,” returns a link to the long form, “Severin, Timothy” which will lead to information for all of the author’s books in the UBC Library.


Clicking on the author's name will return the list of their books available at UBC Library.


If you are looking for a particular book by an author that is not available at UBC Library, you can place an InterLibrary Loan request to get the book from another library.