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Lesson Planning (Elementary, Middle Years)

Selection & Evaluation

Evaluating the materials you use in your teaching is an essential and often complicated step in the process of designing learning. Even items that have been purchased by the Library to support teaching and learning need to be evaluated prior to being selected for use in your lessons. The following are all factors that may influence your decision to select certain learning resources:

  • Relevance to the curriculum

  • Alignment with identified goals and learning outcomes for your unit or lesson

  • Suitability to grade level and/or individual students in your class

  • Credibility, intention, and biases of the author/creator/publisher

  • Accessibility of the resource

  • Publication date and currency

  • Format of resource

  • Copyright and fair dealing considerations

Selection & Evaluation Resources

The following resources may assist you in effectively selecting and evaluating learning resources:

Evaluating Indigenous Resources

Copyright for Teachers

Canadian copyright and fair dealing guidelines will impact the learning resources you can select and the ways in which you can use them in your teaching. The following resources can assist you in understanding and abiding by copyright guidelines: