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Art History & Visual Art

This guide will help you find art related information including articles, books, images, and more.

Key Image Databases

     Image result for oxford art online     Image result for archivision  

Streaming Video & DVDs

NFB/education - National Film Board of Canada     Kanopy - Wikipedia     The Criterion Collection - Wikipedia     

Other Databases

In addition to the "Image Databases" that UBC Library subscribes to, there are many other databases that index and/or provide access to images.  For more databases visit the Indexes & Databases page and search for "images." A few examples are provided below:

Open Source Resources

How to Cite Images

You should provide sources for images that you use in a paper, presentation, or other venue, just as you would cite authors of works that you have quoted. This means providing specific information about the site where you found the image.

If you find an image using a Google Images search, remember that Google isn't the original source of the image -- it is the site that did the searching. In your citations, provide the specific address of the website on which the image was located, not the Google results page.

Check with your professor to see if they have specific preferences for formatting in-text citations. In general, label each image with "Figure" or "Fig." followed by a number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) and then provide as much of the following information as possible. When you discuss the image in the text of your paper, write "(see Fig. 1)" when you refer to the work.

For detailed instructions on citing images in-text and in a bibliography, using the Chicago, MLA, or APA citation styles, see the:

  • How to Cite section of the Images: Finding & Using guide.

Need Help?

For help with images: