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Government Publications - British Columbia

Key Resources

Government of British Columbia:  Official website and portal for the government of British Columbia and is a key source of information for citizens on health, economic, educational and environmental topics. 

Crown Publications: This is the Queen's Printer for British Columbia. It produces and sells BC government publications - though increasingly, free online versions of many reports, documents, bid contracts, and acts are available on site. 

Legislative Library of British Columbia Monthy Checklist - Provides links to lists of new BC Government Publications acquired by the Legislative Library each month. The online checklist dates back to November 1990. The Legislative Library has made more recent publications (1997- ) available online, check their catalogue. Items should also be available via the UBC Library Catalogue. 

Publications of the Government of British Columbia 1871-1947 by Marjorie Holmes (PDF)

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Government Finance


The British Columbia budget is produced by the Ministry of Finance and it's the main budget document; it lays out the Province's 3 year fiscal plan, including the economic outlook, revenues, spending, tax measures, and forecasting risks and assumptions.

Budget 2017  has the most recent budget information.   

1995- present can be found on the Legislative Library's page

Print holdings (1894-1976,1981-1983,1987-1995) - HJ14.B7 B9

Budget Speech  (online)  1908-19751995 - present or  (print)  HJ14.B7 B9 (1894 -present)

Expenditure estimates

Estimates provide a detailed breakdown of proposed spending by ministry and government agency that must be debated and approved by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia 


2001-present available from the Legislative Library of BC.



1977/78-1981/82 (note: there is a separate Bibliographic records as the authoring body changed from Dept. of Finance to Ministry of Finance)

1892/93-1976/77The previous title was Estimates of revenue and expenditure (Dept. of Finance) 

Public Accounts

Public Accounts are one of the most important sets of accountability documents prepared by the provincial government. They demonstrate accountability to the citizens of British Columbia  by providing audited financial statements and other information in a consistent, timely and understandable format.

The Public Accounts illustrate how the government performed relative to its fiscal plan and provide a picture of the current financial state of the government in terms of assts, liabilities and net debt.  They compare the actual financial results at the end of the fiscal year to the budget plan set out at the beginning of the fiscal year.

The Main focus of the Public Accounts is the Summary Financial Statements representing the consolidated financial results and financial position of the province. The Summary Financial Statements include the financial statements and the supporting notes and schedules. The Province's Summary Financial Statements are reviewed by the Auditor General. The Statements provide a whole government view of how the province and its various organizations performed against the fiscal plan.

Online:  2000/01- present ; 1874-1919 (former titles Statement of Expenditure, 1874-1879 ; Appropriation and Expenditure 1880-81)

The Internet Archive has also digitized several years of the BC Public Accounts 

Print holdings

Annual Reports

Each BC  government Ministry publishes an annual report. They typically describe the Ministry’s core businesses, goals, and strategies for the coming year; they also establish performance measures and include financial statements for each Ministry; over the years the content of the annual reports has lessened. If you go to a particular ministry or public private corporation (i.e. BC Ferries) you will find the recent reports on their websites. Older annual reports can be found by searching the Library catalogue.  

Background Information