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Xwi7xwa cIRcle

Visit the Xwi7xwa Library community for Xwi7xwa brochures, working documents, and publications, as well as, our beginning digital collections, including speeches by Verna J. Kirkess (Founding Director of the First Nations House of Learning).

cIRcle is the UBC Institutional Repository of research and teaching materials created by the UBC academic community and its partners.

Indigenous Librarianship

"Indigenous librarianship unites the discipline of librarianship with Indigenous approaches to knowledge, theory, and research methodology." (Burns, Doyle, Joseph  & Krebs. 2009: 2330). Indigenous Librarianship in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences (3rd Edition) (pp. 2330-2346). Taylor & Francis (and Open Access rev version).

"It is my view that you need to look carefully at the way Aboriginal people are portrayed in libraries, and you need to reach out to Aboriginal people and show us that we are welcome to participate in an area which we were excluded from for a long time."Mick Dodson, 1993, cited in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library and Information Resources Network Protocols (2012).

KIN knowledge in Indigenous networks

Kia aho matuahia te taketake, kia tÅ«waerea te tau…When intellect turns to intuition, knowledge becomes wisdom

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