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Indigenous Librarianship

Indigenous Librarianship

"Indigenous librarianship unites the discipline of librarianship with Indigenous approaches to knowledge, theory, and research methodology." (From Indigenous Librarianship by Burns, Doyle, Joseph & Krebs, 2009). 

"It is my view that you need to look carefully at the way Aboriginal people are portrayed in libraries, and you need to reach out to Aboriginal people and show us that we are welcome to participate in an area which we were excluded from for a long time." (From Mick Dodson cited in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Library and Information Resources Network Protocols, 2012). 

Featured Resources

Truth and Reconciliation Report and Recommendations (2017) [PDF]

"The Truth and Reconciliation Committee of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB) released a report [on Apr 24, 2017] outlining a path forward for respecting Indigenous culture and increasing access to traditional Indigenous knowledge. The 77-page report, which is the product of months of research and evaluation, makes ten recommendations to enhance experiences and opportunities for Indigenous peoples and researchers in Canada by decolonizing libraries and archives and their practices."

(From Access to Indigenous knowledges and their cultural materials depends on decolonizing libraries & cultural memory institutions and their services: Report).

Australian Indigenous Knowledge and Libraries by Nakata & Langton (2005)

"The library and information profession has much to learn to meet the information needs of Indigenous people and appropriately manage Indigenous knowledge within their organisations."

"[D]eveloping clear and high standards of practice [...] requires the profession to do more than understand Indigenous concerns and perspectives on the issues. It requires, as much, an unsettling of established practice, and the questioning of some of the assumptions on which accepted practice rests." 

K.I.N. Knowledge in Indigenous Networks (New Zealand)

"Kia aho matuahia te taketake, kia tūwaerea te tau... When intellect turns to intuition, knowledge becomes wisdom."

"This blog is a place where we as Indigenous researchers can share our experiences, challenges and triumphs. We welcome you to join our family and follow our journey of discovery. We seek to grow and connect a global Indigenous research community online so that we may learn from each other, and counteract the disadvantages of geographic dispersal and the sporadic pockets of our research community."

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Indigenous Policy Development

Increasingly, public heritage institutions are developing policies and protocols that are responsive to Indigenous interests and access, the care and handling of materials, and cultural and intellectual property considerations.