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First Nations and Indigenous Studies

Books & Media

The Xwi7xwa Library often notes materials by Indigenous authors or with Indigenous illustrators.

In the UBC Library Catalogue, find Indigenous-authored material by combining a search for "First Nations author" with your search terms.
    Example: "First Nations author" education

When viewing search results, look for the First Nations author in the Local note field in the record:

TIP to find Indigenous illustrators try a phrase keyword search "First Nations illustrator"

Indigenous Organizations

Indigenous organizations and associations produce their own research, some of which is made publicly available. These publications may be available in print and/or electronic formats.

Look at the Associations tab for a list of possible starting points.

Search the UBC Library Catalogue using an association as the author:


TIP To expand possible results, look at the websites of organizations, associations, and Indigenous governments.

Academic Articles

TIPS for locating journal articles by Indigenous scholars.

Journals specializing in Indigenous topics

Try searching the journals identified as Core Journals for articles related to your research topic. Indigenous scholars often self-identify within articles or biographies.

Reverse citation search

Indigenous scholars may cite Indigenous research. Google Scholar allows you to do a reverse citation search, searching only items which cite a specified publication.

Example: Searching articles citing Linda Tuhiwai Smith’s Decolonizing Methodologies works for many disciplines.

1. Open Google Scholar and find the title you want to search, then click "cited by":

  2. Select "search within citing articles" and try performing a keyword search:

3. Look for author self-identification or biographies which identify authors as Indigenous within articles.