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UBC Library Informatics for Nursing

Library card for UBC students and staff

  • Your UBC card is your library card.
  • Obtain your card from the UBC Carding Office.
  • Through the 'Login' in the top navigation bar in the UBC library's home page use your Campus Wide Login to log in to OpenAthens Login. This will give you off-site access to the library's e-resources including databases, journals, and ebooks.

Is everything online?

No. But we do have millions of online journal articles.  And many books are now online.

Can I access the Library's online materials from home?

Most of the Library's online materials are by subscription only. UBC Library buys a licence which permits UBC students, faculty and staff to access online books & journal articles.   Computers on campus have an internet address recognized as belonging to UBC users -- access is easy.

But what if you are at home? Your computer's internet address will not be recognized as belonging to UBC. You will need to be authenticated as a UBC student in a different way.

  • From the Library's home page, click on LOGIN on the upper right, and then under Accessing Library Resources? Click on Open Athens Login.
  • Follow the instructions. You just need your CWL.

Also, get access to library resources when you find them "outside the library" websites, like Google. Add the Library Access link to your browser once and you are all set. See: 

Where is the Library?

There are also several physical libraries that you may use as students and later as alumni. Woodward Library houses the nursing collections. You may also visit other branches for interdisciplinary topics. See:


Do you work at Vancouver General Hospital?

Visit the Biomedical Branch Library at the Diamond Centre. Meet the staff; try the computers.

Try Document Delivery

Try the free and fast delivery service for books between the Biomedical Branch, the Okanagan and the Point Grey campus. We can usually deliver articles to you via the web. Find out more information at

TOP TIP!: Research Help

Save your time and ask for help! There are many ways to get research help: