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Library Research Skills for Land and Food Systems

How to find books using Summon - Keywords

So, how do you find books and eBooks on your research topic? Use Summon, beginning with keywords from your research question. Let's try a search for information about food security in Canada. To search for a phrase, put each keyword inside quotations. This will tell Summon to search for the words together (as a phrase) rather than separately.


Refine Your Search by Content Type

Refine a Summon search to books/eBooks

Once you have a results list, you'll notice that a search returns many different types of material. Therefore, you will need to refine your search to books/ebooks.

On the lefthand side of the screen, under Refine your Search, click on Full Text Online. Also, use the Content Type limiter to select Book/eBook. This will limit your results to ebooks only.

Click on the title of the book. This will open the full record and includes important information including the location: the library branch and call number if it is a print book or a link to the online book, if it is an ebook.

Summon refine search