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Social Work

This guide lists core resources for Social Work. Because Social Work is interdisciplinary, you may need to consult a related guide from the Research Guides site.

Where are the Books Kept?

The Library subscribes to many ebook platforms and they can be found by searching the library website under the General Search tab.

Print materials use the Library of Congress (LOC) call numbers.  Please keep in mind that the LOC subject classifications often use outdated terminology and terms that are not currently acceptable. LOC terminology is always being updated to reflect current vocabulary. 

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Social Work

HM 1-1281   Sociology

     (HM 1-299) These are obsolete numbers no longer used by the Library of Congress

       HM 435-477 History of sociology. History of sociological theory

  • HM 461-473 Schools of sociology. Schools of social thought

       HM 481-554 Theory. Method. Relations to other subjects

       HM 621-656 Culture

       HM 661-696 Social control

       HM 701 Social systems

       HM 706 Social structure

       HM 711-806 Groups and organizations

  • HM 756-781 Community
  • HM 786-806 Organizational sociology. Organization theory

       HM 811-821 Deviant behavior. Social deviance

       HM 826 Social institutions

       HM 831-901 Social change

       HM 1001-1281 Social psychology

  • HM 1041-1101 Social perception. Social cognition Including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype
  • HM 1106-1171 Interpersonal relations. Social behavior
  • HM 1176-1281 Social influence. Social pressure

HN 1-995     Social History and (Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reform.

  • HN 30-39 The Church and Social Problems 
  • HN 41-46 Community Centers, Social Centers. 
  • HN 50-995 By Region or Country      

HQ 1-2044   The Family. Marriage. Women.     

HS 1-3371   Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc.       

HT 51-1595  Communities. Classes. Races.    

HV 1-9960   Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare.  Criminology.

  • HV 40-69     Social service. Social work. Charity organization and practice including social case work, private and public relief, institutional care, rural social work, work relief
  • HV 85-525     By region or country
  • HV 530          The church and charity
  • HV 541          Women and charity
  • HV 544          Charity fairs, bazaars, etc.
  • HV 544.5       International social work
  • HV 547          Self-help groups
  • HV 551.2-639   Emergency management
  •      HV 553-639      Relief in case of disasters
  •      HV 560-583      Red Cross. Red Crescent
  •      HV 599-639      Special types of disasters
  • HV 640-645   Refugee problems
  • HV 650-670   Life saving
  • HV 675-677   Accidents. Prevention of accidents
  • HV 680-696   Free professional services Including medical charities
  • HV 697-4959  Protection, assistance and relief
  •      HV 697-3024     Special classes
  •           HV 697-700.7    Families. Mothers. Widow's pensions
  •           HV 701-1420.5  Children
  •           HV 835-847       Foundlings
  •           HV 873-887       Destitute, neglected, and abandoned children. Street children
  •           HV 888-907       Children with disabilities
  •           HV 931-941       Fresh-air funds
  •           HV 959-1420.5  Orphanages. Orphans
  •           HV 1421-1441   Young adults. Youth. Teenagers
  •           HV 1442-1448   Women
  •           HV 1449            Gay men. Lesbians
  •           HV 1450-1494   Aged
  •           HV 1551-3024   People with disabilities Including blind, deaf, people with physical and mental disabilities
  •      HV 3025-3174   Special classes. By occupation
  •           HV 3025-3163   Mariners
  •           HV 3165-3173   Shop women, clerks, etc.
  •           HV 3174            Other. By occupation
  •      HV 3176-3199   Special classes. By race or ethnic group
  •      HV 4005-4013   Immigrants
  •      HV 4023-4470.7 Poor in cities. Slums
  •      HV 4480-4630    Mendicancy. Vagabondism. Tramps.  Homelessness
  •      HV 4701-4890.9 Protection of animals. Animal rights. Animal welfare
  •      HV 4905-4959    Animal experimentation. Antivivi-section
  •      HV 4961-4995       Degeneration          
  •      HV 5001-5720.5    Alcoholism. Intemperance. Temperance reform
  •      HV 5725-5770       Tobacco habit
  •      HV 5800-5840       Drug habits. Drug abuse
  •      HV 6001-7220.5    Criminology
  •           HV 6035-6197      Criminal anthropology including criminal types, criminal psychology, prison psychology, causes of crime
  •           HV 6201-6249      Criminal classes
  •           HV 6250-6250.4   Victims of crimes. Victimology
  •           HV 6251-6773.55 Crimes and offenses
  •           HV 6774-7220.5   Crimes and criminal classes
  •      HV 7231-9960     Criminal justice administration
  •           HV 7428               Social work with delinquents and criminals
  •           HV 7431               Prevention of crime, methods
  •           HV 7435-7439     Gun control
  •           HV 7551-8280.7  Police. Detectives. Constabulary
  •                HV 7935-8025        Administration and organization
  •                HV 8031-8080        Police duty. Methods of protection
  •                     HV 8035-8069           Special classes of crimes, offenses and criminals
  •                     HV 8073-8079.35      Investigation of crimes. Examination and identification of prisoners
  •                     HV 8079.2-8079.35   Police social work
  •                     HV 8079.5-8079.55   Traffic control. Traffic accident investigation
  •                HV 8081-8099       Private detectives. Detective bureaus
  •                HV 8130-8280.7    By region or country
  •           HV 8290-8291      Private security services
  •           HV 8301-9920.7   Penology. Prisons. Corrections
  •                HV 9051-9230.7   The juvenile offender. Juvenile delinquency. Reform schools
  •                HV 9261-9430.7   Reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners
  •                HV 9441-9920.7   By region or country
  •           HV 9950-9960     By region or country 


Grey Literature

What is Grey Literature?Linked

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Grey Literature is "literature produced on all levels of government, academics, business, and organization in electronic and print formats not controlled by commercial publishing i.e. where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body"Greynet.

Examples of grey literature include:

  • Annual reports
  • Blogs and social media
  • Conference proceedings and abstracts
  • Electronic communities (email listservs, forums, etc.)
  • Informal communications (conversations, emails, letters)
  • Newsletters
  • Reports & publications from governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Technical reports and standards
  • White papers

editWhere do I find Grey Literature?Linked

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Since Grey Literature isn't usually found in traditional indexes you need to search for it in a variety of resources. Some places to start:

  • Google and other search engines (see "Using Google to find Grey Literature")
  • Websites of governmental and non-governmental stakeholder organizartions (See 'Finding Stakeholder Organizations")
  • Databases of grey literature, including conference proceedings, dissertations, and theses

editUsing Google to find Grey LiteratureLinked

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Google is a great tool for finding grey literature as long as you use a few of the advanced search operators. These opperators give you more control over what results Google returns. For example, by using the site: operator you can restrict your search to just Government of Canada sites ( or just Colleges and Universities in the United States ( Using thefiletype: opperator you can restrict your searches to just PDF files (filetype:pdf) or DOC files (filetype:doc). The intitle:opperator only looks for your search terms in the title of the document. 

Advanced Google Search Operators
Operator Description Example
“Search a phrase” Forced the specfic word order    "This phrase only please"
"Word" Quotation marks around a word turns off synonyms & spell checking  
site:    searches a particular website ( or domain (.ca)
filetype: Searches for a particular filetype filetype:pdf
intitle: Searches only in the title intitle:"climate change"

For an excellent resource on searching with Google see the Google Advanced Power Searching page.