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ENGR 499 - Capstone Engineering Research

Finding Articles

To find peer-reviewed articles in the engineering literature the best places to search are:

  1. Compendex Engineering Village (Engineering literature only)
  2. Scopus (Interdisciplinary sciences)
  3. Summon (UBC Library Search; interdisciplinary)

*Note: You will need to login with your CWL to access these databases.

UBC Library also provides access to many databases and indexes, which work as specialized search engines. These various resources are outlined on the following Library Research Guides for sub-disciplines of engineering.

Tips for locating articles and books:

  • For most journal articles, you will be able to click on the 'UBC eLInk' in order to access the PDF online.
  • If you are trying to find an article or book based on a reference to it, try searching for the article or book by title in Summon.
  • If UBC Library does not have a copy of the journal article, book chapter, or conference proceeding, you can order a copy through the Library's InterLibrary Loan service