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Dietetics & Nutrition

FNH 398 Class

Please review the following content prior to our class together Sept 14th @ 2 pm PST

Medline (Ovid) - ~20 minutes of videos: Play all videos

This content will be used in class for a graded quiz at the beginning of class and also for FNH 398 Assignment 1.


Practice Session:

Thursday, Sept 22nd 5:00 - 6:30 pm via Zoom. Create an Ovid Medline account. Try searching. Save your search. Bring your questions to the tutorial!

Recommended: use the Medline Guided Exercise to build your search for assignment 

FNH 398 Assignment 1 Tips


  • Question: Do I need to use all of the PICO elements in my search?

Answer: No. Often, you will simply search for the P & I, or P & O. Depending on the amount of literature, you may find that your results are too small if you search for P, I and O.

  • Question: Can I create a very different PICO question than the one listed in the scenario?

 Answer: There is some flexibility in your PICO - e.g. your friend may be a senior citizen, or pregnant, however you PICO should be based on the general scenario that has been provided.

From the Assignment, "Using the scenario below as a guide, develop a clear question following the PICO framework. You do not need to include all of the components of the scenario in your PICO question; rather use this scenario to inspire a specific, searchable, and focused question. You can choose which age group, gender, life course stage (i.e. pregnant, breastfeeding, adult, senior) that is of interest for your hypothetical patient/population. There are more than one “correct” PICO questions that can emerge from this scenario, so keep your question clear and focused.

Scenario: You have a friend who was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes. Your friend heard that a ketogenic diet could cure diabetes, help with weight loss and provide much more energy and a sense of wellbeing.  Your friend wants to know whether the ketogenic diet is the magic bullet they’ve been looking for to improve their health."