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Dietetics & Nutrition

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To browse for books on the shelves, use the call number. Books in Nutrition have call numbers beginning with QU.

QU 145    Nutrition (General or not elsewhere classified) 
    Classify works on infant nutrition in WS 115-125; on child nutrition in WS 115-130; on geriatric nutrition in WT 115; on maternal and prenatal nutrition in WQ 175; on sports and exercise nutrition in QT 263. 

QU 145.3    Nutritional requirements 
QU 145.5    Nutritive values of food 
QU 145.7    Nutrition policy
QU 146    Nutrition surveys 
QU 160    Vitamins. Vitamin requirements 
    Cf. QY 350 Assay of vitamins; QZ 109 Vitamin deficiencies; SF 98.V5 Vitamins in animal nutrition; WD 105 Deficiency diseases. 

QU 165    Fat soluble vitamins 
QU 167    Vitamin A 
QU 173    Vitamin D 
QU 179    Vitamin E 
QU 181    Vitamin K 
QU 185    Water soluble vitamins 
QU 187    Vitamin B complex (General) 
QU 188    Folic acid 
QU 189    Thiamine 
QU 191    Riboflavin 
QU 193    Nicotinic acids. Nicotinamide 
QU 194    Vitamin B12 
QU 195    Other factors associated with B vitamins 
QU 210    Ascorbic acid     
QU 220    Flavonoids 

Subject Headings

Books on Dietetics and Nutrition can be found in the UBC Library Catalogue using subject headings such as: