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Library Services for Distance Students

3 Steps for Library Services: Distance Students - NITEP

Things you need
Before starting, you need your UBC CWL (Campus-Wide Login), and your UBC Library barcode and PIN. You need your CWL to read online journals, and you need your library barcode and PIN to request home delivery of books or other print items.

1. CWL 

To apply for your CWL, you need your student number and your SSC (Student Services Centre) password -
More information and help:

2. UBC Library barcode and PIN
Your Library barcode and PIN are the same as your UBC One card, which you should already have. If you have any issues with your UBC One card, please contact your NITEP Coordinator.

More information:
Library barcode and PIN Help:
Forgot your PIN?

3. Register for Distance Services

Things you need

  • Student Number
  • UBC Library barcode and PIN

Register here -

This may take a few days to process. You will get an e-mail when it is ready.
Make sure your e-mail in your SSC account is up to date.
*** Please use the same address that you used to register at UBC with. This is very important. ***

Need Help / Have Questions?

Contact: Tamis Cochrane, Access Services, Xwi7xwa Library
tel: 604-827-5013



E-Resource Access

Connecting from home with OpenAthens

Things you need

  • Your CWL (ID and password)

Two ways to search the library website resources at

  1. Login to the library website using your CWL before you start browsing -
  2. Browse the library website and enter your CWL when the system prompts you (usually when you want to view an online journal or e-book) -

Accessing online journal articles, e-books, and other resources

For more help with distance services go to:

Things you need

  • Your CWL (ID and password)

If an article or book is available to read online or download, clicking the ‘Full Text Online’ link below the item information will take you directly to it if you are logged in with OpenAthens, or will prompt you to login if you haven’t already done so, before taking you to the item.

How does OpenAthens work?

image portraying 4 step login process with OpenAthens: 1. Access Request 2. CWL Authentication 3. Authorization 4. Access Granted

Home Delivery

Home Delivery – Books

Things you need

  • UBC Library barcode and PIN

If you are a distance education student living in Canada or the United States and do not live near a UBC campus you are also eligible for delivery of print books to your home free of charge.

If you live in Canada there is no cost to you to return your Library materials. If you reside in the US you are responsible for the cost of returning materials to the Library.

Once you’ve found a print book you would like delivered (this does not apply to online journal articles, e-books or other online resources), check to see if it is available or on loan to someone else. This information is given on the record page for the book.

If it is available click ‘Order via Document Delivery’ in the blue sidebar on the right of the page, and follow the directions. When selecting delivery options, note that you want it sent to a non-library location.

If the book is on loan to someone else, click ‘Request this item: Recall/ASRS’, and follow the directions. When selecting pickup location, choose ‘Xwi7xwa Circulation’.

As a Distance Education student your loan period for UBC books is 28 days (undergraduate) or 56 days (graduate). Both are subject to recall by another borrower.

If a journal is available in print at UBC, you can use this process to request a scanned copy of an article. If a journal is only available online, you cannot request a print copy (though you should be able to print a copy for yourself from the online version).

Library Services For Distance Students

Books and Journal Articles not at UBC

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service: Books and Journal Articles not at UBC

Things you need

  • UBC Library barcode and PIN

If you need a book or journal article that UBC does not have, you may request it though UBC Interlibrary Loan. Please be sure that UBC does not have the item you need, as requests for items that are available (online or in print) will automatically be cancelled. It can take from a few days to several weeks to complete an ILL request depending on availability at other libraries.
Submit an ILL request here -