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Indigenous Midwifery

What is Indigenous Midwifery?

"Indigenous Midwifery care is a pathway that supports the regeneration of strong Indigenous families by bringing birth closer to home—by restoring the emphasis on birth as normal, rather than approaching it as an illness in need of treatment. Indigenous midwifery honours Indigenous peoples, languages, oral cultures, and traditions. Indigenous midwives uphold birth as a deeply profound and sacred event. Indigenous midwives play a key role in building healthy and safe Indigenous communities, in rural and urban areas." -National Aboriginal Council of Midwives

My Journey Into Motherhood by Lorena Fontaine

My Journey Into Motherhood by Lorena Fontaine - connects the themes of aboriginal home birth and the residential school experience. Suggested by Kim Lawson, Librarian at Xwi7xwa Library. 

Indigenous Midwifery Books

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