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MBA Library and Learning Commons


Book Resources in UBC Library Catalogue:

Euromonitor Reports

  • Tel Aviv City Report (Economies -> Cities -> City Reports -> Tel Aviv)
  • Israel Country Profile (Economies -> Economy, Finance and Trade -> Country profile -> Israel)
  • Business Dynamics: Israel SWOT Analysis (Economies -> Business dynamics -> Country profile -> Israel)
  • Consumer Lifestyles in Israel (Consumers -> Lifestyles -> Country reports -> Israel)
  • Income and Expenditure: Israel (Consumers -> Income and expenditure -> Country reports -> Israel)

Articles & News

Query suggestions: "Business in Israel" OR (Business AND Israel); "Israel AND Politics". Set date to be in the last 3 months. Examples:

  • ICL Pioneers Sustainable Citrus Fruit Preservation with FruitMag. Perishable News. December 7, 2022.
  • Future Israeli Government Is Already Clashing With the EU. Haaretz. December 8, 2022.

Access Business Source Ultimate database to search for articles:

          Access The Economist and search within the publication for political, economic, and business news about Israel.

  • Numbers is just a book in the Bible [Education in Israel]. December 3, 2022 edition.
  • Welcome back to the occupation [Israeli/Palestinian relations]. November 12, 2022 edition. 

Data & Statistics


Access Passport GMID to find (Sustainability tab --> Strategic Insights --> Consumers, Claims and Competitors):

  • Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey
  • Sustainable Food: Will Consumers Pay a Premium?
  • The Fight Against Food Waste

Access Passport GMID to find (Query: home garden; gardening; vegetables; then select Analysis or Statistics options for results):

  • Home and Garden in the US
  • Gardening in the US
  • Vegetables in the US

Access IBIS World Industry Reports to find (Query: produce; garden; vegetable):

  • Agribusiness in the US
  • Nursery & Garden Stores in the US
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing in the US
  • Farm, Lawn & Garden Equipment Wholesaling in the US
  • Farm Supply Stores in the US
  • Flower & Nursery Stock Wholesaling in the US
  • Hydroponic Growing Equipment Stores in the US
  • Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaling in the US
  • Vegetable Farming in the US
  • Fruit & Vegetable Markets in the US
  • Price of vegetables
  • Per capita fruit and vegetable consumption

Access WARC database to find (Query: sustainable food):

  • Sustainability, Veganuary and more: new trends in plant-based foods
  • Conscious consumption's impact on food and nutrition

Access to find (Browse by Food & Beverage --> Food --> browse recent articles):

  • Vegan, Vegetarian, and Flexitarian Consumers, 2nd Edition
  • Consumer Insights on Snacking & Mealtime Habits, 2022
  • Food Market Outlook 2022: Inflation, Supply Chains, Food Trends & the Effects on Home Cooking & Grocery Shopping
  • Green Roofing: United States
  • Food Waste & Upcycling: Trends & Opportunities in Sustainability

Access the UBC Library Catalogue to find (Query: consumer AND sustainability):

Access Statista to find data on market information and consumer behaviours. Enter queries such as: Sustainable food; sustainability; groceries; produce; vegetables; gardening; shopping --> narrow results by USA.

Geneyx Genomex Ltd.

Access Passport GMID to find (Query: health):

  • Consumer Health in the US
  • Paediatric Consumer Health in the US

Access IBIS World Industry Reports to find (Query: health; genomics; hospital):

  • Global Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology in the US
  • Contract Research Organizations in the US
  • Scientific & Economic Consulting in the US
  • Healthcare Consultants in the US
  • DNA & DNA Forensic Laboratories in the US
  • Forensic Technology Services in the US
  • Hospitals in the US
  • Specialty Hospitals in the US
  • Children's Specialty Hospitals in the US

Access to find (Browse by Life Science --> browse recent articles):

  • The World Market for Molecular Diagnostics Tests, 11th Edition
  • The Market for RNA Sequencing, 2nd Edition
  • Single Cell Analysis in Next-Generation Sequencing Markets (Market Size and Forecast, Segment Breakouts, Secondary Research), 2022-2027
  • Cell Therapy And Gene Therapy Markets
  • The World Market for Diagnostic Biomarkers (Tumor, Cardiac, Infectious Disease, AutoImmune, Others)
  • United States Market for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Tests
  • Medical Services: United States
  • Healthcare: United States
  • The U.S. Market for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Laboratory Testing

Query: genome; genomics:

  • Genome Editing: Technologies and Global Markets 
  • Next-generation Sequencing: Emerging Clinical Applications and Global Markets 
  • Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Global Markets and Technologies 
  • Rare Disease Diagnostics: Technologies and Global Markets 

Access Gartner to find (Query: genomics):

  • Healthcare and Life Science CIO’s Genomics Series: Part 1 — Understanding the Business Value of Omics Data
  • Healthcare and Life Science CIO’s Genomics Series: Part 2 — Formulating an Omics Vision
  • Healthcare and Life Science CIO’s Genomics Series: Part 3 — Prioritizing Omics Investments
  • Hype Cycle for Life Science Discovery Research, 2022
  • Market Guide for Clinical Decision Support Solutions
  • Healthcare and Life Science Business Driver: Medical Technology Innovation

Pashoot Robotics

Access Passport GMID to find (Query: robotics; manufacturing):

  • Future Trends Driving E-Commerce in Manufacturing Industries
  • Global Overview of the Machinery Industry
  • Digital Transformation in Global Manufacturing

Access IBIS World Industry Reports to find (Query: robot; manufacturing):

  • Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturing in the US
  • Manufacturing in the US

Query: robotics:

  • Global Robotic Process Automation Market: Trends and Forecast (2022-2027) 
  • Soft Robotics: Global Markets 
  • Robotics: Technologies and Global Markets 
  • 2021 Global Forecast for Industrial robots, attachments, and parts (2021-2026 Outlook)-Manufacturing & Markets Report 
  • Exoskeleton Robot: Global Markets 

Access Gartner to find (Query: robotics):

  • Market Guide for Intralogistics Smart Robotics
  • Critical Capabilities for Robotic Process Automation
  • Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation
  • TechWatch October 2022: Innovations in Wi-Fi Sensing, Robotics, Massive IoT and Edge AI


Access Passport GMID to find (Query: metal):

  • Coating of Metals and Mechanical Engineering in Canada: ISIC 2892
  • Structural Metal Products in Canada: ISIC 2811
  • Metal Packaging, Wire and Other Fabricated Metal Products in Canada: ISIC 2899

Access IBIS World Industry Reports to find (Query: Telecom; Internet of Things):

  • Global Wireless Telecommunications Carriers
  • Global Semiconductor & Electronic Parts Manufacturing
  • Communication Equipment Manufacturing in the US
  • Telecommunication Networking Equipment Manufacturing in the US

Query: Internet of Things; Telecommunications; Radio:

  • Managed IT Service Providers: Global Markets to 2021
  • 2019 Global Forecast for Airborne navigational systems, radio navigation receivers and displays (2020-2025 Outlook)-Manufacturing & Markets Report 
  • Sensors for the Internet of Things (IOT): Global Markets 
  • The Internet of Things 

Access CB Insights to find (Query: Telecommunications):

  • 60+ companies reshaping the future of semiconductors, chips, and advanced electronics
  • Where Comcast, Verizon, And Other Leading Telecoms Are Placing Their Bets On The Future

Enzymit Inc.

Access Passport GMID to find (Query: Enzymes Israel) 

  • Enzymes Israel (Market size)

Access BCC Research to find: (Query: Enzyme) 

  • Global Markets for Enzymes in Industrial Applications 
  • Global Markets and Technologies for Biofuel Enzymes
  • Feed Enzymes: Top Eleven Companies  

Access CB Insights to find: (Query: Enzyme) 

  • How Material Innovation Will Improve Sustainability In Beauty & Personal Care
  • Consumers Are Ditching Plastic. To Keep Up, CPG Cos Must Look To These Sustainable Alternatives

  • This Xora Innovation-Backed Startup Raised $5M To Bolster Its Rapid Enzyme Engineering Platform

Access eMarketer to find: (Query: Enzyme) 

  • re:3D’s Gigabot X 3D printer converts plastic pollution into consumer products

Access Statista to find (Query: enzymes):

  • Sales volume of enzymes and prepared enzymes in the United Kingdom (UK) between 2010 and 2021
  • Industrial enzymes market value in Latin America in 2018 and 2023

Access Academic to find: (Query: Enzyme)  

  • 2018 Global Industrial Enzymes
  • 2018 Industrial Enzymes: Canada
  • 2018 Industrial Enzymes: United States