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Euromonitor Reports

  • Chile Cities Review (Economies -> Cities -> City reports -> Chile)
  • Chile Country Profile (Economies -> Economy, Finance and Trade -> Country reports -> Chile)
  • Business Dynamics: Chile (Economies -> Business dynamics -> Country reports -> Chile)
  • Consumer Lifestyles in Chile (Consumers -> Lifestyles -> Country reports -> Chile)
  • Income and Expenditure: Chile (Consumers -> Income and Expenditure-> Country reports -> Chile)

Articles & News

Query suggestions: "Business in Chile" OR (Business AND Chile); "Chile AND Politics". Set date to be in the last 3 months. Examples:

  • Spiniak case: 20 years after the scandal that shook Chile. CE NoticiasFinancieras. September 23, 2023.
  • Chile presents itself to Spain and Europe as an ambitious country with "appetite" for foreign investment. CE NoticiasFinancieras. September 20, 2023.

Access Business Source Ultimate database to search for articles:

          Access The Economist and search within the publication for political, economic, and business news about Chile. 

  • Keep digging. Sep 16, 2023 edition.
  • Half a century later. Sep 2, 2023 edition. 

Data & Statistics


Access BCC Research to find (Query: drone):

  • Drone Technology and Global Markets 
  • Remote Sensing Technologies and Global Markets 
  • Robotics: Technologies and Global Markets

Access IBIS World Industry Reports to find (Query: drone):

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Manufacturing in the US
  • Software Publishing in the US
  • Fleet Telematics Systems in the US

Access Business Source Ultimate database to find (Query: drone AND Chile; drone)

Query: drone

  • Last-Mile Drone Delivery: Is Wing's Business Model Sustainable?
  • Get the Door. It’s Drone: The Future of Flying Food Deliveries

Access the UBC Library Catalogue to find (Query: drone AND Chile, drone AND (software OR technology)):

Access Gartner to find (Query: drone):

  • Hype Cycle for Deep Technology, 2023
  • Hype Cycle for Mobile Robots and Drones, 2023
  • Critical Capabilities for Robotic Process Automation
  • Hype Cycle for Wireless Technologies, 2023

Pallet Parking

Access Passport GMID to find (Query: warehousing; storage):

  • Global Overview of the Transport and Storage Industry
  • Cargo Handling, Warehousing and Travel Agencies in Canada: ISIC 63
  • Transport and Storage in Canada
  • Business Dynamics: Chile
  • Business Dynamics: Brazil and other Latin American countries
  • Digital Transformation in Logistics

Access IBIS World Industry Reports to find (Query: warehousing; storage):

  • Transportation and Warehousing in the US
  • Public Storage & Warehousing in the US
  • Storage & Warehouse Leasing in the US
  • Specialized Storage & Warehousing in the US
  • Farm Product Storage & Warehousing in the US
  • Mobile Storage Services in the US
  • Third-Party Logistics in the US
  • Public Storage & Warehousing in Canada
  • Storage & Warehouse Leasing in Canada

Query: Storage; Warehousing

  • Warehousing And Storage Market Global Briefing 2022 
  • Warehousing And Storage Market Global Briefing 2022: Ukraine-Russia War Impact 
  • Warehousing And Storage Global Market Competitor Briefing 2021 

Access Gartner to find (Query: warehousing):

  • Top Technology Trends Transforming Warehousing Over the Next 5 Years: Part 1, Improving Upgrades
  • Top Technology Trends Transforming Warehousing Over the Next 5 Years: Part 2, Handling Volatility and Complexity
  • Top Technology Trends Transforming Warehousing Over the Next 5 Years: Part 3, Labor and Resource Challenges
  • Cool Vendors in Logistics and Fulfillment Technology
  • Critical Capabilities for Warehouse Management Systems
  • Integrate External Manufacturers Into Supply Planning Processes
  • Use the Right Software to Support Warehouse Automation and Robotics
  • Quick Answer: Why You Need a Warehouse Automation Strategy 
  • Determine the Factors That Impact Warehouse Operations to Improve Efficiency 
  • Use Gartner’s Model to Understand the 10 Dimensions of Warehouse Complexity Before Evaluating WMS Solutions


Other names: Spaceweare

CB Insights

  •  Company Profile


  •  Company Profile


  • Tet4D: The Chilean startup that seeks to revolutionize the world's logistics through Artificial Intelligence

Passport GMID

  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation: Making Manufacturing More Sustainable
  • New Economic Reality: Geopolitical Risks and Globalisation Reset
  • Global Courier & Delivery Services

IBIS World Industry Reports

  • Global Cargo Airlines 
  • Global Marine & Container Terminal Operation
  • Global Deep-Sea, Coastal & Inland Water Transportation


  • Top Trends in Strategic Supply Chain Technology 2023
  • Applying AI — Industries
  • Market Guide for Transportation Mobility
  • Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions
  • Market Guide for Hyperautomation Service Providers

Business Source Ultimate

  • Getting AI to Scale
  • Uber Freight Adds AI Tools to Compete in Shrinking Cargo Market
  • Breakbulk23: AI will infiltrate day-to-day breakbulk shipping: experts.


Refinitiv LSEG Workspace

  • Company Profile

Passport GMID

  • Productivity in Construction Chile    
  • Employment in Construction Chile
  • GVA from Construction Chile
  • Construction in World
  • Global Overview of the Construction and Real Estate Industry
  • Construction in Latin America
  • Global Industrial Trends 

IBIS World Industry Reports

Global Commercial Real Estate


  • Keeping the lights on: Ecocopter and bbosch pioneer power washing to maintain Chile's energy infrastructure with a fleet of H125s
  • Global Transmission Towers Market Research Report 2022 - Market Size, Current Insights and Development Trends

BCC Research

  • Residential Building Construction Industry: Global Markets to 2022

Compara (Also called ComparaOnline)

Refinitiv LSEG Workspace

  • Company Profile


  • Company Profile

CB Insights 

  • Company Profile
  • Digital auto insurance providers market report
  • Personal insurance marketplaces market report 
  • Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Latin America And The Caribbean 
  • Checkout the Industries section – has many insurance information 

Passport GMID

  • Index of Insurance Prices Chile
  • Consumer Expenditure on Insurance Chile
  • Global Overview of the Finance and Insurance Industry

IBIS World Industry Reports

  • Global Insurance Brokers & Agencies
  • Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers
  • Global Direct General Insurance Carriers
  • Global Reinsurance Carriers

BCC Research

  • Global Insurance Industry Market
  • Insurtech: Fresh Legs for a Tired Industry