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Library Skills Tutorial

About This Guide

This guide is an instructional resource intended to assist with access to basic UBC Library resources, with a focus on undergraduate students.

Those with CWL affiliation (students faculty and staff) are highly encouraged to take the UBC Library Skills Tutorials (self-enroll)  and the UBC Library Citation Tutorials (self-enroll) courses for more tailored information. 

Graduate students are encouraged to review subject-specific Research Guides. Community and Alumni please see the resources below.

Students: Get Started

If you are a student at UBC, you will find tailored learning in the canvas course: Library Skills Tutorials (self enroll) 

The course is designed to assist all users in becoming more familiar with UBC library. It has 5 interactive modules with certificates awarded at completion of each module. Modules are self-paced and take between 15-30 minutes each to complete. Modules can be accessed in any order. 

  • Module 1: Introduction to UBC Vancouver Library
  • Module 2: Exploring Sources
  • Module 3: Finding Sources - Basic
  • Module 4: Finding Sources - Advanced
  • Module 5: Evaluating Sources

Instructors: Get Started

As instructors, faculty and staff can assign the Library Skills Tutorials (self-enroll), Citation Tutorial (self-enroll), or individual modules from each. Options for grading completion for self-enroll include: requiring students to submit PDF certificates (generated upon each module's completion) and/or other activity sheets provided in the modules as proof of completion.

Instructors can also embed the modules in their courses. This allows instructors to edit interactive materials such as assignments and quizzes. Embed Library Skills Tutorials from Canvas Commons. Embed Citation Tutorial from Canvas Commons.

For more information contact the following librarians:

Community and Alumni Users: Get Started

  • Community Users Guide: Learn about library resources for community members, including maps, hours, and more.
  • Alumni Guide: Learn about library resources and access for alumni. 
  • How to Get a Library Card: For UBC students, staff, and faculty their UBC Card is their library card. This link helps other users request a library card.
  • Connect to Library Resources:  This line helps users access UBC Library resources online.
  • Searching UBC Library: Tips on how to use the search portal at the library. This resource is designed for all users, for resources specific to students see the Canvas course linked above. 
  • Library Research Skills: Visit our youtube playlist for a set of curated videos created by the library to help you research. 

Need Additional Assistance?

Visit us in person during Library open hours or Ask Us online. 

Reach out to a subject librarian for more assistance. 

See the 'Get Help' tab of this guide for more information.