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Library Skills Tutorial


AskAway is a service that lets you instantly connect to a librarian and ask questions. AskAway is staffed by librarians from across BC but you are quite likely to contact a UBC librarian if you use the service during working hours.

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Library Skills Videos

The Library Research Skills Tutorial playlist contains overviews of skills and concepts important for library research. 

Looking for even more? Check out the Library Teaching and Learning Playlist.

Get More Help

Visit Ask Us for a full list of the ways to get help. The page includes AskAway, ways to contact the library for general help, and useful resources.

You can also get help at one of UBC's library branches. Each branch location has a different focus and can help with different topics. Visit in person during reference hours or contact through the branch reference email. More information can be found on the branch website.

Subject Librarians

Subject librarians are experts on research in specific areas. Do you still have questions after reading this guide and checking out the other ways to get help? Is your question too complex to handle over chat or email? You may want to contact a subject librarian, who can answer your questions or set up a short meeting. Subject librarians love helping with research at all levels and are a valuable resource, so you are encouraged to reach out!

Use the subject librarian directory to find a librarian who specializes in your research area for in-depth help.

Library Canvas Course

Library research is a complex topic. The Library has made in-depth training available through Canvas in the UBC Library Canvas Course. 

Students who want to learn more about library research can Self Enroll 

Students who want to learn more about citations can Self Enroll in a Citation Course (Intro, MLA and APA)

Instructors can assign the self-enroll course or individual modules above and require students to submit PDF certificates and/or other activity sheets provided in the modules as proof of completion.

Instructors can embed the modules in their courses as needed. This allows instructors to edit interactive materials such as assignments and quizzes. Embed Canvas Commons Instructor Library Modules.