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Japanese Tadoku (多読) Extensive Reading

Library guide for the Japanese tadoku (extensive reading) program.



Available in Print and E-Book (some titles are available in Print or E-Book format only).

Print: Available in Volumes. Please consult each volume for which level to read.

E-Book: Please see individual level pages for details and access.

List of E-Books in this series is also available here:

Please press the yellow 「閲覧終了」 button after you finish reading each book, as the e-books allow for 1 concurrent user access only

Permitted and Prohibited Uses:

Which reader is right for you?

Class level Graded Tadoku Series
(Yomu yomu bunko)
Taishukan Japanese Readers
(Nihongo tadoku bukkusu)

*Print available; see each volume for levels
JAPN 100s Level 0 (Print | E-Book)
Level 1 (Print | E-Book)
Level 0 (E-Book)
Level 1 (E-Book)
JAPN 200s Level 2 (Print | E-Book) Level 2 (E-Book)
JAPN 300s Level 3 (Print | E-Book)
Level 4 (Print | E-Book)
Level 3 (E-Book)
JAPN 400s n/a Level 4 (E-Book)
JAPN 450s n/a Level 5 (E-Book)