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Japanese Tadoku (多読) Extensive Reading

Library guide for the Japanese tadoku (extensive reading) program.

What are Open Access Readers?

The following websites provide free easy-to-read Japanese reading materials. Many of them are downloadable and printable, and have Hiragana Ruby.

Enjoy your readings on your devices anywhere, anytime!


  • Free Books | 無料の読み物 (NPO Tadoku Supporters)
    Graded e-books (Level 0-4). All texts are downloadable and printable (PDF).
  • KC よむよむ (The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai)
    The materials are divided by the level of difficulty, A1-A2/B1. All texts are downloadable and printable (PDF). Audio files are also available for select titles. (Follow the link and see the bottom of the page for further links.)
  • 多読 日本語学習読本
    A portal of easy-to-read Japanese books for Japanese language learners and students with hearing difficulties. Downloadable and printable (PDF).
  • まんがひみつ文庫 (Gakken)
    Collection of Japanese educational comics for kids. Topics include STEM and occupations.
  • 読み物いっぱい
    Copyright-free books for beginner and intermediate Japanese language learners. Downloadable and printable (PDF). Audio available.
  • マレーシアの先生が作った読み物 (The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumper)
    Four books written by Japanese teachers in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia. Downloadable and printable (PDF).

花と色(Free books 無料の読み物) 太郎くんの夏休み(KCよむよむ) かまきり(多読 日本語学習読本)   

多目的作業車のひみつ(Gakken まんがひみつ文庫) ある日の朝 (SC Tadoku Books) 歩きスマホ(読み物いっぱい) ゆみこちゃんとサリナちゃん(マレーシアの先生が作った読み物)



Japanese culture


niponica | にぽにか

聖地巡礼(Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese | ひろがる もっといろんな日本と日本語)