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Japanese Tadoku (多読) Extensive Reading

Library guide for the Japanese tadoku (extensive reading) program.

Covid-19 Update

While UBC Library branches remain closed until further notice, your subject librarian is available to answer reference questions and meet with you online to discuss your research needs. Please email the Japanese Studies Librarian, Tomoko Kitayama Yen, to send inquiries or book an online appointment. You may also use the automated booking system by clicking on the "Schedule Appointment" button in the "Research Help" box on the left.


Welcome to UBC Tadoku (Extensive Reading) Guide! 

Start with stories that are below your fluent reading level (easy books with no more than two or three unknown words per page), and while reading, follow these principles:

1. Don’t look up words in the dictionary.
2. Skip over parts you don’t understand.
3. If you aren’t enjoying one book, toss it aside and get another.



Japanese Language Programme & Asian Library