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LAW 328D - International Business Transactions

This research guide provides a selective listing of key resources to use to do research on a legal topic pertaining to international business law.

Additional Resources

The Law Library homepage provides easy access to a range of useful free resources. Visit our Research Guides to access websites on case law or legislation from various international jurisdictions, or other international law.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • For materials from other libraries, see the Interlibrary Loan: Students, Staff and Faculty page. Check to see if the desired article is available before requesting ILL - use the Search Collections --> "Journals" search.
  • If you think you need interlibrary loan services, please come and see us at the Reference Desk.
  • The Law Library can quickly (usually within a few days) get photocopies of most journal articles from other Canadian law schools.
  • Give yourself plenty of lead time when requesting interlibrary loan of items not at UBC. More unique items & books can take a long time.

Law Library Contacts

  • Use the Staff link at the top of the page to contact Law Reference Librarians or other Law Library staff.
  • Visit us at the Reference Desk when you require further assistance.