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Food Service Industries

Industry Codes

Some market research databases and websites organize business information using industry codes. The two industry classification systems you will come across most often are NAICS and SIC.

Example NAICS codes:

722 - Food services and drinking places

7225 Full-service restaurants and limited service eating places

7223 Special food services (caterers, contractors, mobile food services)

7224 Drinking places (alcoholic beverages)

Click the link below to browse for more industry codes.

Using Google to find Government Resources

Did you know that you can limit your search in Google to government websites?  Here are some examples.

Tip: Remember to try a few searches using different search words, to vary your results.

Industry & Market Research Databases

These library-subscribed databases are relatively simple to search, but you should still try alternative subject terms if your intial searching is not successful.  For example if you get no results for coffee shops, try searching cafes or restaurants or foodservice or food services or beverage bars, nonalcoholic or snack bars or cafeterias or donught and muffin shops or coffee houses.