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Food Service Industries

Suggested Searches

Try using and recombining a variety of search terms, including general terms like food service, foodservice, or restaurant industry and specific terms such as bars or nightclubs or taverns or drinking places or pubs or caterers or catering or personal chef or meal assembly or prepared meals, etc.  

You can also combine the industry specific terms with even more focused terms, like best practices or benchmarks or trends or emerging technologies.

Searching Article Databases

Articles are specific in scope and can also provide information on current trends and issues. Article databases listed here are available through the library and allow you to search hundreds of journals, magazines or newspapers for information on a variety of topics.

Learn the basics of searching for articles in business databases in our short video below, or refer to our Research Tips guide for for examples of how to search article databases effectively, like using single words or short phrases. 

(Sample video content from Business Source Ultimate database used by permission of EBSCO Publishing.)


Business Article Databases

Additional Databases