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This research guide lists selected information sources for Dentistry

Theses & Dissertations

Note on terminology: we normally refer to master's theses and doctoral dissertations. All are graduate theses. The generic term thesis is used here, unless it is necessary to distinguish between master's and doctoral theses.

Theses & dissertations represent in-depth research on specific topics, and often contain content not found in journal articles or books.

The following information is in respect to online full-text of theses & dissertations. For information on finding print & microfiche theses, see the Guide to Finding Theses & Dissertations:

UBC Theses & Dissertations

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UBC theses & dissertations from 1919 to the present are available in full text in cIRcle: UBC's Digital Repository.

All theses & dissertations completed at UBC's Okanagan campus are available (2005-present). Note that creative arts theses are generally not available in cIRcle (Creative Writing, Theatre, Music).

Non-UBC theses & dissertations