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Climate Change


You can search any database for articles related to climate change. The following is a list of databases with an environmental sciences focus. For works addressing climate change in other fields you might like to start with the core databases in that field, which you can find listed in our research guides. See the search terms below for ideas on what to search.

Search Filters & Terms

Select search terms to help get started:

  • climate justice
  • climate action
  • climate change mitigation
  • biodiversity
  • sustainable development
  • fossil fuels / emissions / fossil gases / oil and gas / greenhouse gases / GHG
  • climate change / climatic changes
  • global heating / global warming / global temperature change
  • global environmental change / environmental change
  • atmospheric change
  • greenhouse effect

Search tools that can be used in many databases:

  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase.
    Example: "climate change"
  • Use asterisks to truncate a term to search for words with the same stem.
    Example: climat* retrieves climate, climatic, climates


Search filters are pre-tested strategies used to find research in database searches. Search filters are often designed to meet certain standards or guidelines and can help increase the chance of finding relevant materials. Please cite filters when using them (most will be published in journal articles or will provide a citation that you can use).