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Climate Change

Data Sources & Visualizations

Click here to learn more about the Smithsonian's Science on a Sphere initiative

Derivative made from "Science on a Sphere - Smithsonian Natural History" by woodleywonderworks licensed under CC BY 2.0Click on the image above to learn more about Smithsonian's Science on a Sphere initiative.

The following are publicly-available sources for data on the climate crisis, and examples of visualizations that help make such complex topics accessible to a wider audience.



Data Visualizations

Data visualizations help convey complex topics like climate change in a manner that is accessible and comprehensible. Check out the following examples, some of which are customizable to visualize location-specific data.

Many of these visualizations and more can be found in the article The Best Data Viz and Infographics on Climate Change Facts by Orana Velarde. Click on the title link to find the source of the visualization.

For images that are evidence-based and focused on making climate change relatable and compelling, see Climate Visuals.


#ShowYourStripes Global Temperature Change from 1901 to 2020

Data visualization using blue, white, and red stripes to indicate changes in temperature by year over time.

Retrieved from, created by Professor Ed Hawkins (University of Reading), licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Go to ShowYourStripes to create similar visualizations for specific regions!


Climate Action Venn Diagrams by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

What brings you joy + What are you good at? + What work needs doing? = Your Climate Action