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Chicago Manual of Style Citation Guide


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Video & Film Overview

When citing video and film sources, the Chicago Author-Date makes reference to the Notes & Bibliography examples for guidance. Section 15.57: Citing Recordings & Multimedia in Author-Date provides additional guidance:

  • Similar to social media and website examples, it may be sufficient to refer to film, video and multimedia in a sentence, rather than through formal citation. However, if the multimedia sources is only available in physical copy, it should be cited in full.

Film on DVD

In-Text Citation

(Burton 2010)

Reference List  

Burton, Tim. 2010. Alice in Wonderland. Burbank, CA: Walt Disney Pictures. DVD.

Streaming Video

In-Text Citation

(Peck 2015)

Reference List  

Peck, Raoul. 2015. I Am Not Your Negro: James Baldwin and Race in America. Kino Lorber: Kanopy.

YouTube Video

In-Text Citation

(Black Strathcona, 2014)

Reference List  

Black Strathcona. (2014)  Black Strathcona: Vie's Chicken and Steaks. YouTube video, 2:25.

Note: Black Strathcona is the name of the organization that produced the video. No director is listed.

TED Talk

In-Text Citation

(Morcom, 2019)

Reference List  

Morcom, Lindsay. (2019). A History of Indigenous Languages - And How to Revitalize them. Filmed in Kingston, Ontario. TEDX QueensU video, 13:19.