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Indigenous Peoples Histories and Archives


The creation, ongoing editing, and review of this research guide is a collaborative effort.  Contributors include: Ashlynn Prasad, Graduate Student Assistant at Rare Books and Special Collections (Summer 2019), Claire Williams, Forestry Archivist, Krisztina Laszlo, Archivist.

Special thank you to our external reviewers for edits and suggestions for improvement: Karleen Delaurier-Lyle, Kellen Malek, and Jessica Woolman.

Further Work

This research guide is intended to be a work in progress that not only becomes more accurate over time, but more holistic and complete as well. We understand and accept that appropriate and respectful terminology will continue to change and evolve. To that end, we welcome and encourage any feedback, suggestions, or criticisms regarding any of the terminology or resources that we have presented here.

We also welcome and encourage suggestions for further resources to include in this guide. Anything that will help researchers more easily access archival materials and conduct archival research relevant to Indigenous peoples in Canada is welcome and encouraged.

To offer feedback or provide us with resources that you think should be included in this guide, please contact us using this form or email Krisztina Laszlo, RBSC Archivist, at