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ANTH 317 Linguistic Anthropology

Library research guide for Dr. Pat Moore's ANTH 317 class, Linguistic Anthropology (Winter 2019).

Need help finding articles?

Linguistic Anthropology Databases

While the default library search engine, Summon, will allow you to find a great deal of articles, UBC subscribes to a number of specific databases that can help you focus your search.

Linguistic Anthropology Journals

If you're looking for articles on a topic, searching a database is a good way way to go as the they will list journal articles on your topic from a wide range of scholarly journals. However, you may also want to browse individual journals in linguistics anthropology to get an idea of recent research in the field. Below are the key journals which focus specifically on linguistic anthropology:

Many articles by linguistic anthropologists are published in interdisciplinary journals. Some examples include: