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ANTH 317 Linguistic Anthropology

Library research guide for Dr. Pat Moore's ANTH 317 class, Linguistic Anthropology (Winter 2019).

Getting Started

This guide is intended to help student researchers of Linguistic Anthropology. The guide was created for ANTH 317 taught by Dr. Pat Moore (Winter 2019).

The goals of ANTH 317 are to familiarize students with contemporary approaches in linguistic anthropology and to develop their ability to use standard forms of linguistic description. Students will learn how language data is used to document culturally situated language use. They will gain an understanding of theoretical issues relating to the origins of human language, formal descriptions of language, universal and language-specific features of language, the role of culture in language use, language and gender, language and social class, language and identity, language ideology, the language of space and place, literacy, and contact induced language change.

Reviews and Bibliographies

Oxford Bibligraphies Online - Anthropology
Overview articles for more than 180 topics in anthropology and archaeology. Each article includes citations to and contextualization of key works on a topic. Bibliographies relevant to ANTH 317 include:

Annual Review of Anthropology
Comprehensive critical reviews on topics in Anthropology. The reviews summarize a topic and guide you to the principal contributions of the field. Search the archives for your topic to see if a review has been written on your area of research.

Reference/Background Information

Reference materials provide background information on a topic and are especially useful at the beginning of a research project . They can help you get an overview of a topic, define terms, theories, and persons in the field, and find further readings written by experts in the field.