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Kinesiology & Health and Exercise Sciences

Theses and Dissertations

UBC Theses and Dissertations are in cIRcle, UBC's institutional repository.

Getting Started: Theses and Dissertations lists resources for finding theses and dissertations from around the world.

For UBC Okanagan Campus: You have access to Writing and Academic Communication Support [e.g. Writing for journals, conference proposals, scholarships, non-tri-agency grants, theses & dissertations] at the Centre for Scholarly Communication (CSC)


Kinesiology Theses on Microform

Until 2007, the Library subscribed to Kinesiology Publications, and received microfiche copies of theses and dissertations collected and distributed by the International Institute for Sport and Human Performance (IISHP) at the University of Oregon. UBC Library's collection includes over 7,000 theses and dissertations on exercise and sports sciences, health, physical education, recreation, sport history and philosophy, and dance, published since 1947 at universities from around the English-speaking world.

The theses and dissertations are available in microfiche format at Koerner Library, Level 2, call number AW5.O74 (newer titles) and AW2.074 (older titles); both sets are filed by last name of author. (Former title of subscription: Microfiche publications in health, physical education, recreation and allied arts.)  Microfiche readers and printers are available whenever Koerner Library is open. Assistance with microfiche is available only during these hours.

Note that many institutions have digitized older theses and dissertations: the full text of many items in this collection may now be freely available online.  

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