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Cultural Studies: Citations

A research guide to support engagement with Cultural Studies, including work in internet culture, film and television, Web 2.0 activism, alter-globalization and human rights, and more.

Style Guides

Cultural Studies uses different citation styles depending on the focus of the studies; the three most often used citation styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. UBC Library has guides for all three styles with examples for the most common types of citations. An alternative resource are the guides created by the OWL at Purdue University, which categorizes types of citation and style elements and provides sample papers with extensive instruction on what academic papers should look like. Links for all of these resources are below. More detailed information on how to cite can be found on the UBC Library website.

Writing and Research Centre

UBC Okanagan’s Writing and Research Centre offers writing support for all undergraduate students working on any kind of writing assignment for a class. Our consultants can assist writers with various stages of the writing process: developing a draft, clarifying an argument, organizing written materials, understanding editing techniques and effective sentence structures, and building beneficial writing habits. They will listen carefully, answer questions about how to approach different types of writing assignments, and provide feedback regarding how a reader experiences the writing.

If you are a graduate student, post-doc or faculty member, please make an appointment with the Centre for Scholarly Communication.


Refworks is the citation management tool officially supported by UBC Library and is free to use for UBC students, faculty, and alumni. Refworks has an online interface that can be used to collect and organize your citations and a plugin for Microsoft Word that helps you format your citations in any of hundreds of styles and easily integrate the citation into your work.