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SOWK 554: Research Methods in Social Work Research

This course guide is designed for SOWK 554: Qualitative Methods in Social Work . It includes a collection of resources available through UBC Library and on the web

Core Databases

More Databases for the Social Sciences

First Nations Databases

Also see the First Nations Research Guides for further resources.

Research Methods Database

Tips for Database Searching

  • Most databases have an online Help feature. Very useful for learning the specifics of searching that database.
  • Keyword searching: Figuring out the best search words is one of the biggest challenges to searchers. It's often best to start with a simple search with the basic concepts and search words or phrases. Look at initial search results for more search terms, subject headings, specific authors and journals that may be useful in modifying your search.
  • Connecting your search terms - online guide on Boolean searching from the Library of Congress
    • AND is used to narrow or limit results; results will include ALL your search words or phrases. It is used for connecting different concepts.
      Search statement
      : chocolate AND health.
    • OR is used to expand results; results will include ANY of your search words or phrases. It is used for connecting synonyms.
      Search statement
      chocolate OR cocoa
    • NOT is used to exclude results; results will exclude specific search words or phrases.
      Search statement: chocolate NOT milk
    • Using parentheses: if your search statement includes more than one connecting term, you must use parentheses to indicate how to complete the search. This is called nesting.
      Search statement: ((chocolate OR cocoa) AND health) NOT milk