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SOWK 554: Research Methods in Social Work Research

This course guide is designed for SOWK 554: Qualitative Methods in Social Work . It includes a collection of resources available through UBC Library and on the web

Government Resources

Government documents are important sources for setting legislation and policy developments. Often the recommendations that come out of government reports help influence budget allocations and how government policy and legislation is developed. These reports also cast a lens on where there are deficiencies, problems and under funding.  Often a Standing Committee Report will be referred to by the last name of the Committee's Chair (Romanov Report, Gove Report, Kirby Report).  

The Parliament of Canada and Legislative Assembly of British Columbia are good places to search for federal and provincial information. 

International Agency databases: 

United Nations iLibrary:  Covered themes include children and youth; women and gender issues, democracy and governance; economic and social development; human rights and refugee; human settlements and urban issues; international law and justice; peacekeeping and security; populations and demography; public health and transportation and public safety.

World Bank eLibrary: eLibrary is one of the most comprehensive collections in the area of international development, including social, human and economic development.

OECD iLibraryOECD publications cover social issues including social policy, health, education and development,

Govt. of Canada E-Collection