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SOWK 554: Research Methods in Social Work Research

This course guide is designed for SOWK 554: Qualitative Methods in Social Work . It includes a collection of resources available through UBC Library and on the web

Theses Guide

Why are use theses and dissertations? ‚Äč

  • Find cutting edge research / theory
  • Find dissertations supervised by an author whose research is in your area
  • Use the bibliographies / works cited for your own research

UBC's Institutional Repository cIRcle, has the entire digitized collection of the School of Social Work theses and dissertations. 

Tips for Searching Proquest Digital Dissertations and Theses


Finding and author:


Last name First name

Hubley Wendy


  • Put in author drop down field



Finding an advisor / supervisor:


Last name First name

Lam Lawrence


  • Put in advisor drop down field


Finding theses submitted on a particular subject at a particular university:


York University


Social Work


  • Put in school name / code


  • Put in Subject name / code


Finding theses on a particular topic, regardless of university:


Social Justice


Social Work


  • Put in the “Citation and Abstract” line
  • Choose a Subject name / code from the “Browse” list